Updated flex-grid - Release 2009-10-12

A new version of my FlexLM / GridEngine integration has been released. The version 2009-10-12 supersede previous releases. It is primarily a bugfix version (triad handling), with other minor improvements.

The download files formerly known as qlicserver can now be found as a more generic flex-grid. The name change reflects the fact that it might also be a useful place to bundle other miscellaneous flexible gridengine-related scripts.

For redundancy and simplicity, I’ve also converted the various releases into a git repository, which is currently hosted at github.
Project Page: http://olesenm.github.io/flex-grid/
Project Repo: http://github.com/olesenm/flex-grid

This has the advantage of making it easier for the end-user to track the changes between releases, or between their own version and the released version. It also provides a convenient means of browsing the repository files and even just grabbing a single file (for people in a hurry). For example,

    wget http://github.com/olesenm/flex-grid/raw/master/site/qlicserver

The changes to the code itself are listed on the project page: http://olesenm.github.io/flex-grid/changes.html

The latest release (flex-grid-20091012.tar.gz) is also available on the


But it can also be downloaded as a zip or tar file from the github repository directly.


Documentation about the rational behind the qlicserver can be found both on the wiki page:

http://wiki.gridengine.info/wiki/index.php/Olesen-FLEXlm-Integration and as a presentation from the 2007 workshop

Further information about configuring the qlicserver is also available on the wiki page

12 Oct 2009 | gridengine, flexlm