Moving flex-grid entirely to github

The transition to github is almost complete.

The first move to github was the xml-qstat codebase to provide a better cooperative development platform for Chris and me. We also decided to give the github project pages a whirl, which makes life quite a bit easier since it bundles the code and the documentation in a single repository. And now I don’t need to get any special access to Chris’ old site just to update documentation.

After the first cut with lots of hand-copied pages, I took the plunge into using jekyll and discovered an immediate jump in productivity. The liquid templating is one great aspect, but equally good is the support for markdown. This is easy to write and, unlike a wiki, I can write it locally on my computer. Once it looks okay, a simple git push to github and it is published to the web site.

I’ve accordingly started re-collecting the flex-grid configuration information from the wiki into the project pages. In the future, I think the wiki page will just have a reference to the project pages and that’s all.

29 Oct 2009 | gridengine, flexlm