Starting beta testing of HTTPi-xmlqstat

As announced on the mailing list

With the HTTPi-xmlqstat approach, the installation should be as simple as this:

  • download from xmlqstat github
  • ./ and answer the questions
  • start the newly configured httpi-xmlqstat
  • edit the config/config.xml to reflect your cluster names and their SGE_ROOT, SGE_CELL
  • direct your browser to the http://{host:port}/xmlqstat/ for httpi

The only system requirements: Perl + GridEngine.

If you want fancier stuff like file caching, integration with the flex-grid output etc, you can add this in later without needing to reconfigure or restart the webapp.

Please take the opportunity to test xmlqstat and give some feedback (via the mailing list). While I cannot promise to incorporate every wish, it would certainly very useful to get some feedback and gather some ideas about what else is needed to make it even more useful.

02 Nov 2009 | gridengine, xmlqstat