Command-line options and parameters

As outlined in the usage provided by the program, the command-line encompasses both options and parameters:

usage: qlicserver [OPTION] [PARAM]

The options primarily control the general mode of the program (i.e,, setup, prolog query, daemon mode, etc.), whereas the parameters are used to provide finer-grained control.

help/debug options:
-h      help
initialization options:
-c      show complex definitions (format as per 'qconf -sc')
          for possible inclusion via 'qconf -Mc ...'

-C      provide initial values for
          'qconf -mattr exechost complex_values ... global'

-i      information about license features
          (generates text for the config lookup table)
query options:
-l resource=value,...

        similar to qsub(1), query the license server for the availability
        of the requested resources. A missing value is treated as 1.
        The resource 'slots' will be used to scale the resource requests
        as required. Prints the resources available and exits with '99' if
        the condition cannot be satisfied. Only externally served resources
        are checked - resources internal to the GridEngine should never
        need this check.

-n      suppress adjustment of the managed licenses (useful for testing)
daemon options:
-d      run query as a daemon

-k      kill running daemon

-w      wake-up daemon from sleep