Starting beta testing of HTTPi-xmlqstat

As announced on the mailing list With the HTTPi-xmlqstat approach, the installation should be as simple as this: download from xmlqstat github ./ and answer the questions start the newly configured httpi-xmlqstat edit the config/config.xml to reflect your cluster names and their SGE_ROOT, SGE_CELL direct your browser to the http://{host:port}/xmlqstat/ for httpi The only system requirements: Perl + GridEngine. If you want fancier stuff like file caching, integration with the flex-grid output etc, you can add this in later without needing to reconfigure or restart the webapp. Please take the opportunity to test xmlqstat and give some feedback (via the...   read more

02 Nov 2009 | gridengine, xmlqstat

Getting more out of system/controlDict

With OpenFOAM-1.6, the functions entry in system/controlDict changed from being a primitive entry to a dictionary entry. Even although the old format is still supported, the added flexibility of the dictionary entry means that you probably should be using the new form. Previously // system/controlDict functions ( function1 { type ...; settings ...; } function2 { type ...; settings ...; } function3 { type ...; settings ...; } ); If you wanted to somehow centralized the values, for example, for an easier setup, you’d have a problem. Now Using dictionary entries, you can harness the #include dictionary directive combined with...   read more

02 Nov 2009 | OpenFOAM

xml-qstat release is coming

The long promised version 1.0 is finally on its way. In the past, the major obstacle to adopting xmlqstat has been fiddling with getting the initial installation working. The addition of the CommandGenerator to the cocoon should have improved things, but instead it just added another element to go wrong. There is no obvious mechanism to add timeouts. And to top it all off, the basic command qstat -j \* isn’t even working! Either weird shell escaping or whatever, but it seems to run amok and the only viable alternative seems to be a CGI script running on a second...   read more

31 Oct 2009 | gridengine, xmlqstat

Moving flex-grid entirely to github

The transition to github is almost complete. The first move to github was the xml-qstat codebase to provide a better cooperative development platform for Chris and me. We also decided to give the github project pages a whirl, which makes life quite a bit easier since it bundles the code and the documentation in a single repository. And now I don’t need to get any special access to Chris’ old site just to update documentation. After the first cut with lots of hand-copied pages, I took the plunge into using jekyll and discovered an immediate jump in productivity. The liquid...   read more

29 Oct 2009 | gridengine, flexlm

Updated flex-grid - Release 2009-10-12

A new version of my FlexLM / GridEngine integration has been released. The version 2009-10-12 supersede previous releases. It is primarily a bugfix version (triad handling), with other minor improvements. The download files formerly known as qlicserver can now be found as a more generic flex-grid. The name change reflects the fact that it might also be a useful place to bundle other miscellaneous flexible gridengine-related scripts. For redundancy and simplicity, I’ve also converted the various releases into a git repository, which is currently hosted at github. Project Page: Project Repo: This has the advantage of making it...   read more

12 Oct 2009 | gridengine, flexlm