About this software

xml-qstat is an attempt to do something useful with the XML status information that Grid Engine produces. At its heart, it comprises a collection of XSLT stylesheets that can be used with render Grid Engine XML into a variety of output formats (eg, XHTML, RSS).

The current development efforts have be applied to reducing the installation size and to improving the flexiblity. The goal is to have an application that can be readily installed and run on even the weakest cluster headnodes.


The screenshots and demo pages will give a better view of the current capabilities.

When used for server-side XSLT transformations, xml-qstat contains a set of files and directories designed to function as a self-contained web application within the Apache Cocoon 2.1 XML publishing framework. For client-side XSLT transformations, xml-qstat uses modules added into the HTTPi webserver to deliver appropriate xml+xsl to the client browser.

Most of the work involved in developing this package centers on creating and improving the XSL stylesheets that guide the transformation of Grid Engine XML into various desired output formats. Quite a bit of effort has also gone into the various JavaScript, CSS stylesheets and other “web design” elements (although more work can always done).


The client-side XSLT using HTTPi is currently the recommended solution when the browser allows it. The server-side XSLT uses an older version of Cocoon and also contains some potential security issues that might be a concern. This is one of several reasons for the desire to drop Cocoon support in the future.