Thanks, Credits & Acknowledgments

  • BioTeam Inc. for letting me work on this code (and give it away for free). BioTeam also hosts the server.
  • Cameron Kaiser for creating the HTTPi webserver, which provided the development basis for stepping away from server-side XSLT.
  • Mark James for the beautiful Silk Icon Library
  • The daemonized perl script used to cache XML status data is a wholesale ripoff of Mark Olesen’s qlicserver code. Used with permission.
  • The distribution contains several unaltered EXSLT Template files – Copyright Jeni Tennison, David Pawson, James Fuller and Uche Ogbuji
  • The distribution contains a redistributed (unaltered) copy of Bill Dortch’s javascript cookie handling.
  • Grid Engine XML output data is still relatively undocumented. Many thanks to the SGE developers and others who are working on fleshing out the Grid Engine XML wiki page
  • CSCI E-153, Web Development Using XML a fantastic course at the Harvard Extension School.
  • The layout of the project pages is based on YAML Content generation is managed by Jekyll

Additional Resources

The following references were invaluable during the course of initial experiments and the eventual code:

  • “Learning XSLT” by Michael Fitzgerald, 2nd ed. (2004), O’Reilly
  • “Javascript & DHTML Cookbook” by Danny Goodman, 1st ed (2003), O’Reilly
  • “Javascript Bible” by Danny Goodman with Michael Morrison, 5th ed. (2003), Wiley
  • “Web Designers Reference: An integrated approach to web design with XHTML and CSS” by Craig Grannel, 2005, friendsof
  • “Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the language of web design” by Eric Meyer, 2003, New Riders Publishing
  • “More Eric Meyer on CSS”, by Eric Meyer, 2004, New Riders Publishing