Software Requirements
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General Requirements

The functional requirements are very basic. Root level access to a system is not required. Key dependencies include the following:

  • Grid Engine version 6.2 (older versions of SGE may have buggy or unsupported XML output)
  • Modern, standards-compliant web browser.
  • A fairly recent version of Perl (eg, 5.8.x)

Requirements for client-side XSLT transformations (HTTPi)

Client-side XSLT transformations are slated to be the preferred rendering form in the next generation of xml-qstat. Off-loading the transformations to the browser allows for a very lightweight server application.

  • A fairly recent version of Perl (see above)
  • HTTPi 1.6.2 (uses Perl only)

The installation size of HTTPi with the xmlqstat modules is less than 50kB. No additional webserver is required and it should run on any POSIX system where Perl is installed.

Requirements for server-side XSLT transformations (Cocoon)

Note that Cocoon 2.2.x is not supported as it represents a radical paradigm shift from Cocoon 2.1.x.

Server-side XSLT transformations are the traditional rendering form used by xml-qstat. The current generation uses Apache Cocoon 2.1.x.

  • A recent version of Java
  • Apache Cocoon version 2.1 – current stable version 2.1.11 is recommended

The installation size for Apache Cocoon is approximately 120MB.