Demo Sites

This list will grow and shrink over time. Some versions of Grid Engine 6.x produce invalid XML in response to cluster job error states. This invalid XML will will break the XML transformation resulting in an ugly Cocoon Application error being displayed. These bugs have all been fixed in the current Grid Engine codebase.

Server-Side Rendering Demo

The site is normally running off a fairly recent version from the GitHub repository so it should reflect the latest features, bug fixes and capabilities:

Client-Side Rendering Demo

With client-side XSLT transformations, the webserver process becomes trivial. Here is an example with serving cached files from this website. Note that many features are not available since the file contents of qstat -f are actually static and request parameters also have no effect.

The test page can help you determine if your browser handles XSLT properly, with or without JavaScript. It has been tested with Firefox and Opera.