For more details, consult the git history.

Release Candidate (2011-02-14)

Avoid some tags that are not supported in HTML5

  • change: acronym, tt -> abbr, pre

Display new ‘note’ attribute for derived/internal resources

  • this attribute is now passed through from qlicserver

Release Candidate (2009-11-19)

Made config/config.xml optional and stop tracking it

  • the default installation should now work without needing to have or edit a config/config.xml file.
  • qlicserver support must be explicitly enabled. This is only a slight inconvenience for qlicserver users, but provides a better general set of defaults for clusters without any file caching.

Can finally run cocoon without an extra cgi-script!

  • loosen the paranoid security on the init-scripts/ and allow existing values of SGE_ROOT and SGE_CELL through to the webserver.
  • reworked script. It now seems to interact well with cocoon. Dropped jobinfo cgi-script accordingly.
  • The absolute path to scripts/ is used in the CommandGenerator call. This eliminates an installation/configuration step and also boosts security.

Release Candidate (2009-11-16)

  • HTTPi-1.6.2 is now released
  • Prompt user for GridEngine arch at configuration time
  • Try harder to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or equivalent) for systems that need it.
  • Add ‘free’ and ‘warn’ views for ‘qstat -f’ output
  • Changed the cluster text summary to ‘report’
  • Provision for a future ‘summary’ view for ‘qstat -f’ output. Should be similar in functionality to the existing ‘qhost’ summary.
  • Eliminated /xmlqstat/cluster in favour of simply /xmlqstat/
  • Removed the restriction of needing /xmlqstat as the resource URI.
  • Use /grid/ as the default resource URI instead of /xmlqstat. This is admittedly poor marketing, but requires fewer letters and fits better with end-user expectations for GridEngine monitoring.
  • Tightened security on the jobinfo cgi script used in the cocoon implementation.

Release Candidate (2009-11-01)

  • Use HTTPi-1.6.2 (unreleased) which allows a custom hook in the configuration process
  • Added script